Is a WordCamp t-shirt important to you?

We’re looking at the best swag options for the community for WordCamp Cape Town 2017. In the past we’ve usually done t-shirts and they have been met with mixed reviews, so this year we thought we’d make a point of finding out what the community has to say about it!

If you have an opinion on whether we should be providing t-shirts as swag at this year’s WordCamp Cape Town, then please answer the poll below – thanks!

Feel free to comment on this post with further thoughts on the swag for this year’s WordCamp.

5 Replies to “Is a WordCamp t-shirt important to you?”

  1. Perhaps include a section in the poll for suggestions of other cool swag that people might prefer to a tshirt

    1. We considered doing that, but it could quickly get out of control in a poll. I think instead, people are welcome to suggest alternative things in the comments here 🙂

  2. I love you’ve asked that. With my girlfriend, we try to live eco-friendly and sustainably and see all the t-shirts I accumulated all these years on various conferences a garbage. I mean, some of them are nice, but I am sad to see how the tees especially hurt the environment on the long run. Because I see the poll now is about even, I recommend that you at least ask in the form when signing up if you want a t-shirt (you can already select a size, so a quick hack is to add the I DON’T WANT A TEE BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT ENVIRONMENT AND ASIAN SWEATSHOPS in the size selection dropdown).

    Highly recommended watch on this topic:


    (ironically, when typing this email I’m in wearing WCEU 2017 tee, but I would be rather without it. I took it because once they are made and printed, the damage was done already)

  3. Was my first WC last year and I was quite sad I didn’t get a t-shirt and didn’t like the cap substitute (I have a zillion caps and barely wear more that one or two). I would proudly wear a WC shirt, even if it was only to the gym or during yearly spring cleaning at home! 😂

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