Jonathan Bossenger

Self employed WordPress developer, born and bred Capetonian. Husband, father and Gracie Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Once couch jumped at WordCamp and never lets anyone forget.

Job Title: Open source software developer

Job Thomas

Job is the only Belgian in the WooCommerce team at Automattic. He leads one of the WooCommerce support teams. He’s been working with WordPress for about 10 years, and mostly enjoys just breaking things in order to learn. Since 2013, he’s been living in Cape Town, but misses Westvleteren 12 and Belgian mayo a lot.

Job Title: WooCommerce Happiness Lead

Adrian Barnes

Loves the Innovation and Tech space, Social Media, Mobile, WordPress. Facilitator. Enjoys exploring and learning new things. Fan of Liverpool FC and Formula 1.

Job Title: Innovation Lead, RLabs Innovation Lab

Brendan Cupido

Junior Software Developer at RLabs, Founder Of TrackGrab a music uploading, download and sharing platform. Artist manager @SPIROH.64. WordPress Co-Facilitator

Job Title: Junior Software Developer, RLabs

Travis Lima

Self Taught Graphic Designer who stumbled across WordPress and got totally hooked! I help people make their WordPress sites great over at Paid Memberships Pro and love it!

Job Title: Customer Service Engineer, Paid Memberships Pro

Matt Royal

Self-taught Developer & Designer with a passion for all things web & an absolute lover of WordPress. I live for adventure & my beautiful daughter, I am a Former MMA fighter with a passion for Brazilian Jui-jitsu. My aim is to find more time to give back to the community that has given so much to me!

Job Title: WordPress specialist

Matty Cohen

I’m a WordPress enthusiast, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. I spend my time working on developing WooCommerce at Automattic, and helping our engineering teams be successful.

Job Title: WooCommerce Product Engineering Lead at Automattic

Hugh Lashbrooke

I’ve been kicking around in WordPress for a good few years now and I absolutely love working with it. At Automattic I work on the WordPress community team where I assist and support WordPress community organisers from all over the world. I’m totally passionate about WordPress, the community and all that it represents.

Job Title: Community Manager at Automattic

Mechiel Couvaras

I work on the Partners team at WooCommerce but have a background in Web Hosting. I first discovered WordPress in 2009 and have been tinkering ever since. I love Open Source and love how WordPress makes powerful technology available to ordinary people like me.

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Leo Gopal

User of WordPress before it was cool. I love working with clients to find and develop the best solutions for their problem. My favorite pokemon is obviously Pikachu.

Job Title:  Solutions Developer with WordPress

Bruce Lunnis

South African Businessman. Lover of parrots, cars, food, wine, whisky, coffee, sunsets, music, movies, traveling & WordPress.

Job Title: Managing Director, Code Like Clockwork
Website: /

Andrew Lima

I have been using WordPress since 2012 and started developing for WordPress specific projects since 2015. Coffee enthusiast, Walking Dead fanboy and Han shot first.

Job Title: Lead Developer in Training, Paid Memberships Pro

Edwin Kariuki

Have interests in Digital Media & Design, Champions Social Innovation and loves Creativity. Heading Africa Creative Cities Project, African Art Collector Project,  Createx TV Project, Marketing Strategy at Open Design Festival CT.

Job Title: Creative Director – The Creative Agency ZA